StealthCam Wildview Relay AT&T

The Wildview Relay Cellular Trail Camera by Stealth Cam is the go-to camera for hunters looking to take their hunt to the next level. Features include 16MP photo capability, quick trigger speed and even quicker QR code set up. Combined with the recently updated Command PRO App, you will be tracking your game in no time and setting yourself up for success.

Retooled and refreshed, the Command Pro app raises the bar in remote scouting with the integration of industry-leading technology, supported by a robust server platform for improved performance and reliability. View and share your images remotely from any app-enabled mobile device or on the web. Command PRO offers complete control and customization of your wireless trail camera settings. Cellular preferences allow you to change photo resolutions, transmission times, etc. from your fingertips. Manage your cellular data plans from the app with plan upgrades and available add-ons.

The Wildview Relay Cellular Trail Camera utilizes the AT&T network.


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