About Us

By far, the number one question that we get here at Quest is, “How did this get started?”

These are the moments that we wished we had a bunch of fancy answers using words like strategy, forecasting, and market studies… But in all honesty, Quest’s beginnings were much simpler. In south Springfield, MO is Longhorn Steakhouse which is the unlikely birthplace Quest Hunt Co. Scratched out on a napkin, Brian Austin and Jeff DeCarlis began mapping out the earliest outline for what has now become the Quest Hunt Co Tournament. The goal was really basic. Create a community of competitive, outdoor enthusiasts that had the opportunity to not only compete for huge prizes but also meet thousands of new folks that were just like them. After all, it had worked amazing for the bass fishing community and even new areas like bow fishing. Hunters, however, had little or no opportunity to share those same experiences. We haven’t looked back since.

Our goals were to create a solid foundation, always remember why we started this and stay true to the mission, work our tails off, and always make sure we surround ourselves with exceptional people. We have certainly stumbled through a few of the first ones, but overachieved over and over in the last one. We are so blessed to have the absolute best group of folks pushing this business forward.

Whether you’re talking about our office staff, Prostaff group, amazing sponsors, or the thousands of folks that are part of this awesome community, we have been blessed to know all of you. Thank you for making OUR Quest so special over the years. We will never stop working to provide YOU the greatest experiences, products and service possible.

Good luck to you this coming hunting season and always remember… It’s Anyone’s Game!