Bull XL and Elite 10’ tower w/ Rubber Floor Mat

The Muddy Bull XL Box Blind is the pinnacle of blind advancement in the hunting industry. It is hands down the best box blind on the market with its Large Archery Window Design. Besides the insulation, rugged construction, window placement, dead quiet features, and numerous hunter driven structures like a built in gun rest, what separates the Bull XL Box Blind is the accessories that can accompany it. With a host of built in mounting options for accessory hooks and holders, the fixtures create the ideal setup for hunting. Overall the Bull XL provides a comfortable, solid hunting setup ideal for all hunting blind applications!

More durable construction, improved weather resistance & redesigned windows
Joist and sheeting door
Therma-Tek panel walls
Heavy-duty rotational molded plastic roof
Residential quality glass windows with all steel hardware

Original price was: $3,899.99.Current price is: $3,599.00.

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