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Quest Pro Staff

Interested in Joining The Quest Pro Staff?

There is nothing “ordinary” about Quest Hunt Co. QHC launched in 2017 and brought something new and exciting to the outdoor industry. Since that time, we have grown to the largest whitetail tournament in the world. Part of that success has been driven by the amazing work of our “extraordinary” ProStaff members. We couldn’t be more excited about your interest to join the team and look forward to talking with you. Your interest probably means you are looking for something different too. The industry standards for ProStaff teams has never really seemed to change.

Well great news! For you, that change could start today! The team here at quest is anything but status quo for the industry. No, actually far from it! They all seem to have some critical things in common.

  • They all want to be a big part of something new and exciting in the whitetail industry!
  • Share an extreme passion for the hunting industry and the outdoors
  • They all really want to develop lifelong relationships with our team and other staff members
  • Love to represent the industry’s best brands and products!
  • They all love to be recognized financially for hard work and great jobs (don’t we all…?)

Yeah that’s right, financial compensation… Here at quest Hunt co we have made it possible for our team to actually earn money, get tons of product and recognition for becoming an integral part of our team. Take a minute to look around the site and we encourage to get ready with some questions. When you’re ready, fill out the online application and we will definitely be in touch. Until then, we appreciate your interest and good luck on your quest.