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Official Rules & Regulations

Participation Agreement

This Participation Agreement shall be used solely for the tournaments and events produced, sponsored or coordinated by Quest Hunt Co., LLC (“Quest Hunt”). Quest Hunt shall have exclusive authority to interpret and enforce the terms of the Participation Agreement. Quest Hunt reserves the right to amend and/or modify this Participation Agreement. It is the sole responsibility of each registered hunter to read and understand the Participation Agreement and the Complete Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement to Hold Harmless and Assumption of Risk (“Waiver”). The Participation Agreement and the Waiver, as well as any and all updates and changes thereto, shall be available at

NO PROFESSIONAL HUNTER. Any person who is a professional hunter is ineligible for Quest Hunt competition. For the purposes of this agreement, a professional hunter is defined as a person who receives any income from hunting deer and/or a person who receives any income from creating footage, whether in video, audio or other electronic forms, of deer hunting. In the event the Quest Hunt becomes aware that a Professional Hunter has registered with Quest Hunt, the Professional Hunter shall be immediately and permanently disqualified from Quest Hunt competitions and events. The Professional Hunter understands and agrees that his/her registration fee and any and all prizes or money obtained through Quest Hunt shall be forfeited.

TEAM EVENT. Hunters shall register in teams of two (2) persons. Each team must consist of at least one (1) person 18 years of age or older. Persons under the age of sixteen (16) years of age at the time of the event are ineligible. Each member of the team must read, understand and execute the Waiver as well as fill out all proper registration forms. For hunters under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the registration from and Wavier. Registration must be completed on or before the applicable dates using Quest Hunt’s official website Both teammates must be registered in the tournament before a deer can be submitted. Failure to register in a timely fashion will result in such registration being rejected. Failure to execute the Waiver shall result in the hunter not being registered for the event. If registration and the Waiver are properly submitted, each hunter for the team shall receive an identification number. If the hunter does not receive an identification number, the hunter is not registered for the competition.

BIG BUCK SIDE POT. Each hunter shall individually have the option to enter into the Big Buck Side Pot. Such entry is voluntary and not a requirement to be eligible in the main team competition. Each participant wishing to participate in the Big Buck Side Pot shall pay an additional Fifty and 00/100 Dollars ($50.00). The hunter with the largest deer in his/her state shall receive eighty-percent (80%) the sum total of entry fees into the Big Buck Side Pot for that event.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE. All registrations and Waivers must be fully complete on prior to any submission of a harvested deer. No deer harvested prior to the full completion of all registrations and Waivers shall be considered in determining any prize.

REGISTRATION PACKET. Following the hunter’s online registration with Quest Hunt, each hunter will receive an official Quest Hunt Registration Packet. This packet will include the hunter’s individualized Quest Hunt identification number, trophy tape, a copy of this Participation Agreement, and other products and information as may be applicable.

STATE REQUIREMENT. Each hunter must hunt in the State in which he/she has registered. In the event a hunter harvests a deer in a state for which he/she has not registered, or on land that the hunter does not have permission to hunt, that hunter shall be immediately disqualified from the Quest Hunt competition, and Quest Hunt may take further actions as it sees fit to sanction the violation. Nothing in the provision shall prohibit a hunter from registering in multiple competitions in multiple states. Currently, Quest Hunt competitions are held in the states of Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES. The hunter shall not use any and all “high-fence” methods and/or participate in game-farm hunting for the competition. In the event Quest Hunt becomes aware that any hunter registered with Quest Hunt enters or submits a buck harvested from a high-fence or game farm hunt, the hunter taking that buck shall be immediately and permanently disqualified from Quest Hunt competitions and events. That hunter further understands and agrees that his/her registration fee and any and all prizes or money obtained through the Quest Hunt shall be forfeited.

FAMILY MEMBERS. Immediate family members of owners, officers, and employees of Quest Hunt are strictly prohibited from participating in this hunting competition. In the event Quest Hunt becomes aware that a family member of an owner, officer, or employee of Quest Hunt has registered with Quest Hunt, the family member shall be immediately and permanently disqualified from Quest Hunt competitions and events. The family member understands and agrees that his/her registration fee and any and all prizes or money obtained through Quest Hunt shall be forfeited.

SCORE AND PRIZES. Each team may submit up to two (2) deer for the competition. Deer must be scored and submitted within 24 hours of harvest with antlers intact. For the purpose of this agreement, “Harvest” shall be defined as the actual time of physical recovery of the deer shot by participant. Each deer submitted shall have been killed by a different member of the team. In other words, one hunter is prohibited from submitting two (2) deer. A team may replace one deer submitted with a larger deer if said deer was killed by the same hunter with whom his/her deer is being replaced and said deer was killed in accordance with the terms of this Participation Agreement.

The Official Score: After submitting an unofficial score as provided above, teams placing 1st-5th are required to have both participants attend the official scoring and awards ceremony and teams placing 6th-10th are required to have one participant attend the official scoring and awards ceremony in Springfield, Missouri to claim any prize. Teams placing 6th-10th are also required to have both deer racks submitted. . After submission of the deer as provided in this paragraph, a panel of judges selected by Quest Hunt shall measure the deer and provide an official score.Any Participant who wishes to have their deer scored in consideration of winning prizes must be present for official scoring.

In the event of a tie amongst any top 10 teams, the tie will be broken by total spread of each teams two best deer.

Midwest States
Missouri Iowa Arkansas Wisconsin

Official Scoring Check in Dates Feb 7th and 8th

Springfield Expo Center
635 E St Louis St
Springfield, Mo 65806

North East States
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky

Official Scoring dates Feb 21st- 22nd

The Chetremon
252 Chetremon Lane
Cherry Tree, PA 15724

Any hunter and/or team shall submit to a polygraph test to determine the veracity of the claims of the size of deer submitted. Any hunter and/or team will be required to show proof of tagging the deer submitted. Any hunter who fails to strictly comply with the requirements outlined in this section shall be immediately disqualified, shall forfeit the registration fee and be ineligible for any and all prizes.

PRIZE QUALIFICATION. For each state to qualify for the $50,000.00 prize pack, that state must have a minimum of 300 teams entered in the tourney. The states that have less than 300 teams entered will split 80% of the entry fees collected from that state among the top ten finishers in that state.

COMPLIANCE WITH FEDERAL AND STATE HUNTING LAWS, REGULATIONS, AND ORDINANCES. Each and every hunter registered with Quest Hunt shall strictly adhere to any and all applicable Federal and State hunting laws, regulations, and ordinances. A violation of any Federal or State hunting law, regulation, or ordinance shall result in immediate disqualification of the violating hunter from Quest Hunt competition. Moreover, any information obtained by Quest Hunt from the violating hunter shall be provided to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Quest Hunt will cooperate with all law enforcement with respect to any violation or suspected violation of hunting laws, regulations, or ordinances. In the event Quest Hunt becomes aware that a hunter may have violated a hunting law, regulation, or ordinance, or that a hunter may have violated one of these Rules & Regulations, Quest Hunt has sole discretion to investigate such violation and take whatever action it sees fit in response thereto. All hunters registered with Quest Hunt agree and understand that Quest Hunt and the Quest Hunt Rules and Regulations Enforcement Committee have the exclusive authority to take this action, and that such action is not appealable to any forum or tribunal.

HUNTING LICENSE. Each hunter is responsible for obtaining and paying for his/her own license, permit, and/or game tag to hunt in the in the state he/she has chosen for the Quest Hunt competition. In the event a hunter is does not obtain a valid license, shall be immediately and permanently disqualified from Quest Hunt competitions and events. All hunters acknowledge and agree that the Quest Hunt is not liable or responsible for the hunter not being issued a license or game tag.

USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEO/RECORDINGS. Each and every participant provides an irrevocable license to Quest Hunt for the use of any and all photographs, videos, and recordings of any kind of the Hunter taken during or while observing a Quest Hunt competition.

Use of any Quest Hunt trademarks, logos, photos, videos or other proprietary information is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Quest Hunt.